Samsung Galaxy S8 – Future is Next

We just got Samsung Galaxy S7 in our hand to test it to the extreme extent so that we can move on to next smartphone for the generation. We have already started imagining the new Galaxy S8 and its variants. Let us get together and design the new device. We have seen that SGS7 is bringing joy and disappointment among users. Comment below to let us know your view for the device which is available in the market.


Let’s go through the must features in a device to rule the market:

  • A Revolutionary Design


Revolutionary design does not only mean to get a new design; it also means to get the maximum out of the current design by making slight changes in it. Samsung design slowly evolves over time but its try to retain its rounded shape.HTC has done well with its design in its last devices, hope Samsung can too!

The possibilities and fantasy of new design are endless. You can also be the part to list down your imagination for the new devices. There are number of concepts for Samsung Galaxy S8 shown on web; what is yours?

Above image has shown nice concept which tells us that its primary camera can be used for selfies. This will help you to get high resolution images as selfies. Super thin sheet of metal is used to make this device with the help of software. Hope it does not have overheating issue which is faced in Galaxy S7.

  • Battery Kinetic Energy


Is it feasible to have a device equipped with a battery that is ecological and can sustain infinite load with great backup time? Everyone has to use power bank to get their device remain charged all the time. Samsung is also urging people to be sporty and do physical work with smartphone on the arm, music in the ear. It helps to make you fit but would be more comfortable if it does not drip down your battery to last it for at least one complete day.

  • 100% Customizable Interface

My best feature is this one. One must be able to customize their front end completely with their creativity. With the launch of Galaxy S7, Samsung has waived all brand services to create a fluid interface with the next generation. New software completely customizable and rich in features must be introduced.

  • An eye is enough to unlock your device


Thanks to Fujitsu to show this technology at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We have already seen in devices that eye scanner can be integrated with a smartphone. We have already seen the eye of magic for some features in Galaxy S6. Hope to see the unlocking feature in Galaxy S8.

  • Android v6.0

We are not only expecting, indeed waiting for the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 with the new version of Android. Although the name of upcoming android version is not unveiled, assuming it to be Marshmallow.

  • Exynos or Qualcomm processor?

Which one is your favorite? Despite the imminent launch of Galaxy Note 6, Samsung has already started working on the processor that will power the future Samsung Galaxy S8. We have already experiences, the South Korean experiment in favor of Qualcomm Exynos in SGS7.

Currently, the South Korean giant is working on two variants; one model will feature Exynos Soc while the second will include Qualcomm Snapdragon.

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