Samsung Galaxy S8 Updates Everything You Need To Know

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor Mill


The Korean Giant surely wants Galaxy S8 to have clear improvements over the Galaxy S7. And one of its example is the handset possibility to come in two flavors, according to some reports, one in metal, & other in plastic.

The juicy rumored features of S8, if comes true, might break all previous records comparing an estimated 20 million Samsung Galaxy S7 handsets sold within two months of it hitting the shelves. Samsung’s contribution to innovation makes it the main driver of Smartphone market today. With tons of leaks and speculations dealing with the Samsung Galaxy S8′s price, launch date etc., we will be rounding up all the latest rumors, specs, features, news and release date about the device in the run up to its unveiling this quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

Concept s8

Not many but little changes are expected to come up in all new Samsung Galaxy S8. Talking of the body material, we are getting mixed opinions. As per the ongoing rumors, some feel Galaxy S8 is expected to have an aluminum body and thus would compete with many HTC smartphones, whereas others are confident of Samsung choosing a plastic body with leather back cover as in Note 5.

An increase in screen size/display is also expected this time around. Galaxy S7 came up with display of 5 inch and as per the trends followed by Samsung, a 5.2 or a 5.3 (5.3 inch is more likely) inch screen is more likely to come up in Samsung Galaxy S8. The resolution and pixel density will increase accordingly.

With slimmer body and curved edges along with bigger and better display, Galaxy S8 is expected to outshine all the smartphones about to release and also the ones which have been released off-late. It would not be a surprise if we find Galaxy S8 to break all records of being the slimmest phone of all time like Huawei Ascend P6.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

With the upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung expected to be released by April this year, the demands for the detailed specifications have increased, so we are presenting you with whatever information we have. Since we are not the manufacturers so we might not end-up with exact specifications, but I won’t be far off because all the below information is only presented after detailed study of previous Galaxy series smartphones.

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